Meet Françoise Bourdin

"I was drawn to French authors of the twentieth century who wrote about family. They wrote about family secrets, and family dynamics. Those stories made me want to write. Since family is an inexhaustible subject, I'm still writing about it."

Françoise Bourdin is a storyteller of marvelous family dramas, beloved in her native France. In this video filmed at her home in Normandy, Bourdin speaks about her natural curiosity, and about how listening and watching people inspires her writing. She also describes how listening to the music of her opera-singer parents created a rich and imaginative childhood, and still provides a spark in her creative life.

Get to know Françoise Bourdin and her novels, which evoke a warmth that will immediately draw you in. Bourdin's own heartfelt and sincere manner in this video is the perfect prelude to her fiction.

Meet S. Cedric

"I think it's fascinating to play with those shadows in our own life because they are telling something about us, about our own fears—it's our reflection in the mirror of all the questions we can ask ourselves. And the supernatural is a way for me to represent that feeling we have that the world is not only about what we see but is also what we can't see, but that's there and we can feel it. And fiction is a very exciting way to explore that feeling—that weird feeling. And maybe in the end to question ourselves. Because at the end of the day, what a book is about . . . [is] us; it's about our life, about our own questions, our secret heart. That's a concept that fascinates me. It's a part of me. It becomes a part of the reader's experience in life and dream life. That's fantastic."

In a thoughtful interview, bestselling French author S. Cedric talks about the interesting paradoxes that lie within his writing, and considers how they might affect those who read his popular paranormal horror novels. His works are now available for the first time in English, as ebooks.